Please note: Agenda subject to change without notice


October 7, 2016

  • 8:45 am
    Registration and morning coffee
  • 9:15 am
    Welcome and Chairman’s Opening Address
    Lisa Taylor,
    Marketing Director, UBM
  • 9:20 am
    CASE STUDY 1: Pride & Prejudice: developing a three-year, three-continent, multichannel marketing campaign with global reach yet taking account of local and regional sensitivities
    David Humber,
    Marketing Director, Digital Engagement, The Economist
    Maria Orlova,
    Director, Global Digital and Americas Events Marketing, The Economist


    • Coordinating our work with partners and stakeholders from a range of different markets, all with different perspectives and constraints
    • Getting a balance between global and regional stakeholder involvement
    • Finding ways to give a voice to advocacy and activist groups around the world without compromising editorial independence
    • Creating an online presence for the event that combined a central hub with location-specific event pages and content
    • Ensuring our social media campaign made an impact both globally and regionally
    • How we used visuals and content to amplify our message across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook
    • The challenges of running a global PR campaign via three global PR and comms agencies
  • 9:50 am
    CASE STUDY 2 – The Money20/20 Story: Building a community
    Pat Patel,
    Content Director, Money 20/20, i2i Events Group
  • 10:20 am
    CASE STUDY 3: Do It Day 2015: Amplifying your message to sustain engagement throughout the year
    Melanie Shah,
    Head of Events, The Drum
    • How we helped the event to market itself through our channels and partners
    • Innovative ways we engaged stakeholders – both communities and individuals - face-to-face, through supporting publications and via direct communications
    • The challenges we face in engaging our market all year
    • Feedback on the event and the campaign one year on and how that will inform our 2017 campaign
  • 10:50 am
    Networking and coffee break
  • 11:20 am
    Facilitated round table discussions (A1 – A6)
    Ben Wood,
    Group Marketing Director, Incisive Media
    Mina Booth,
    Group Marketing & Content Director, Montgomery Exhibitions
    Alison Church,
    Marketing Director UK & Global, Artexis Easyfairs
    Jake McNulty,
    Head of Marketing, Com & Critical Communications Series, Telecoms & Media, Knowledge and Networking, KNect365 TMT

    This series of discussions will focus entirely on practical tools and tips on the key challenges facing event marketers. Facilitated by one of your peers, each discussion will examine who is doing what, what is working, what is not and how we can add real value. Delegates are invited to choose one of the following discussions:

    A1 By invitation only: Marketing Director' Roundtable – Part 1:
    Resourcing and developing talent in the marketing team

    • What are the most effective ways to source talent
    • Changing expectations – of both marketers and marketing leader
    • Effective strategies for developing marketers at all levels
    • Financial – and non-financial - ways to retain talent

    Ben Wood, Group Marketing Director, Incisive Media

    A2 Marketing in-house events – hints and tips on engaging with your internal market

    • How do I engage a sceptical audience
    • Is Technology a must
    • How do I measure success
    • How do you go about creating engaging ideas


    A3 Pre-reg conversion strategies for exhibitions
    Mina Booth, Group Marketing & Content Director, Montgomery Exhibitions

    A4 Providing better marketing intelligence through better marketing measurement – which measures really aid decision-making?

    • What KPIs do you use to measure success?
    • What measures are most vital for planning your marketing campaign?
    • What measures are most helpful throughout the campaign, and how often do you do that analysis?
    • How long do you typically spend on your post-show analysis, and when is it done?
    • Data is such a key part of the marketing mix; what data measurements are most helpful to marketers to determine how to use their data better and/or what new data they need to build?
    • Who should be responsible for analysing & reporting these figures?
    • How can we make more of our marketing systems to automate this analysis?

    Alison Church, Marketing Director, UK & Global, Artexis Easyfairs

    A6 Building a community - executing a joined-up year-round campaign that successfully links content marketing, content delivery, social media and data

    • Integrating campaign and content marketing
    • How do you identify who you’re targeting?
    • What does good look like?
    • Looking to the future

    Jake McNulty, Head of Marketing, Com World Series, KNect365 TMT

  • 12:10 pm
    Facilitated round table discussions (B1 – B5)
    Steve Baker,
    Head of Defence Engagement, Clarion Events
    Sarah Harvey,
    Marketing Director, RBI
    Jemma James,
    Marketing Director, Pageant Media
    Ben Wood,
    Group Marketing Director, Incisive Media
    Laura Davidson,
    Director, Tag Digital

    This series of discussions will cover practical tools and tips on the key challenges facing event marketers. Facilitated by one of your peers, each discussions will examine who is doing what, what is working, what is not and how we can add real value. Delegates are invited to choose one of the following discussions:

    B1 By invitation only: Marketing Director's Roundtable Part 2:
    Upskilling the business to meet market challenges

    • How do you foster a culture that supports learning?
    • Which skills are the most important to focus on?
    • How do you devise an effective training programme?
    • How do you generate buy-in from around the business?

    Ben Wood, Group Marketing Director, Incisive Media

    B2 Making exhibition VIP schemes deliver

    • ‘Shaping the Show Agenda’ - How to attract sector-critical buyers to your events
    • How to change attitudes and bring about a complete reversal of ‘policy’ regarding attendance
    • How to build relations to earn trust and credibility within your market
    • How to deliver a VIP hosted-buyer on-site experience that others strive to emulate and your stakeholders full support

    Steve Baker, Head of Defence Engagement, Clarion Events

    B3 Marketing and sales working effectively together – strategies to employ to drive revenue uplift

    • What are the common causes of conflict between your sales and marketing teams?
    • How well do your sales and marketing teams understand each other’s roles?
    • How can marketing help sales close more leads?
    • How can sales help marketing generate better leads?

    Sarah Harvey, Marketing Director, RBI

    B4 Applying personas in B2B marketing – what’s being done and how is it working?

    • Why use Personas?
    • Getting started with personas; how many personas? Who should be involved in the persona creation process?
    • Practical tips and tactics for creating your persona
    • Embedding personas within your organisation

    Jemma James, Marketing Director, Pageant Media

    B5 Supercharge your event through PPC – the strategies that deliver ROI for events and publishing

    • How to create realistic targets for pre reg and conversion campaigns - setting %s and defining attendance KPIs from PPC
    • What platforms should I use? Where will I get the best return? How do I measure this?
    • Calculating ROI from PPC - setting tangible targets and projections from budgets at the outset and adding to this as the campaign builds
    • New data - using PPC to grow new data at a lower cost per acquisition and nurture this
    • Data, exprom, vis prom, delegates, subscriptions - using PPC to facilitate year round marketing across all teams

    Laura Davidson, Tag Digital

  • 12:50 pm
    Networking lunch
  • 2:15 pm
    Vendor spotlight: Increasing engagement with apps

    This session will look at how you can create elegant, feature-rich apps that will engage your audience in real-time and as part of your 12 month communication strategy. What works and what doesn’t? How can apps enhance the delegate experience and aid data collection?

    Elizabeth Lewis, UK Marketing Manager, Guidebook Inc

  • 2:35 pm
    CASE STUDY 4: Asia Leadership Retreat 2015 – creating a personalised, bespoke event campaign
    Jamie Wilson,
    Marketing Director, Criticaleye
    • Making sure every connection with the audience is based on that individual’s needs, rather than generic communications
    • How marketing worked with customer Relationship Managers to understand individual customers and prospects
    • Our strategies for community building – before, during and after the event
    • Working with sponsors to personalise our approach
    • Our “micromanagement” of every delegate contact and the implications on marketing timelines, team size and spend
  • 3:05 pm
    Networking and coffee break
  • 3:35 pm
    CASE STUDY 5: How storytelling improved visitor engagement and attendance rates
    Sarah Gaffney,
    Senior Marketing Manager, UBM


    • How we develop messages and a story that will engage the market
    • Making the story consistent and compelling across DM, emails and social media
    • Boosting registrations by making it easy for visitors to invite colleagues when registering
    • Creating a dedicated conversion campaign for this group
    • Repurposing content and messages for each market segment
    • The end results: our impressive results in identification of new audience segments, pre-reg conversion, exhibitor lead generation, exhibitor conversion, and extended PR reach
  • 4:05 pm
    CASE STUDY 6: Reaching a new audience: engaging with the next generation of housing leaders to enlarge and refresh an established event
    Sarah Payling,
    Event Director, Ocean Media
    Jason Kingston,
    Business Improvement & Assurance Manager, Salix Homes

    Housing is the largest and longest-running housing event in Europe. Despite a difficult economic background in this sector, we achieved a surge in delegate and visitor numbers in 2015, launched new features and initiatives, grew delegate and visitor numbers significantly and improved the exhibitor re-book for next year. Key elements in this success were:

    • We identified a new audience segment (middle management, the next generation of housing leaders) and launched content to attract them.
    • One new content feature was a free event developed specifically for this segment, leading to a massive increase in visitors.
    • The new feature was held on the final day, which helped us to solve the perennial exhibition challenge of low turnout on the final day. And this in turn led to a massive increase in exhibitor rebooking.
    • Plus, we got smarter with more targeted content and messaging for social media, got better at matching audience type with email message, and introduced an effective re-marketing campaign with our partner publications. All of this created a buzz in advance, which helped to attract new audience segments.
  • 4:35 pm
    Closing remarks from the chair
  • 4:45 pm
    Drinks reception